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Who we are

The Snow Leopards is a family snowmobile club which finds it's home at Earl Grey, Saskatchewan. In 1994, a group of local farmers gathered for a day of fun grudge matching and decided to do it again next year. This was the beginning of vintage drag racing at Earl Grey.

This coming February will mark the 22nd annual vintage drag racing event. The event has grown to well over 100 registered snowmobiles and has proven to be enjoyable for both spectators and participants.

If you have any questions or comments about vintage racing or our club, please submit them in the "contact us" section.

Enjoy the site!

**Pictures from the past years sled races can be purchased from SledRacingPhotos.com


2016 Snow Leopards 22nd Annual Vintage Snowmobile Drag Races
February 13th & 14th, 2016
Registration from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Drivers meeting at 12:00 NOON - races to follow

If you cannot see the poster below, click here to view it.


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2016 Vintage Events

February 6th: Clavet Vintage Ride
February 6th: MacDowal Vintage Oval Race
February 13th: Earl Grey Drag Race
February 14th: Earl Grey Ice Drag
February 14th: Togo Vintage Ride
February 20th: Nipawin Drag Race
February 21st: Nipawin Oval Race
February 27th: Foam Lake Drag Race
March 12th: Christopher Lake Drag Race
March 13th: Christopher Lake Oval Race
March 19th: Love Vintage Ride

Snow Leopard ~ 2014 Race Results

Race ClassPlaceSled NumberFirst NameLast NameAlternate Driver
Open Liquid ModA Side 1st Place996KevinLivingston 
Open Liquid ModA Side 2nd Place14ScottZarkow 
Open Liquid ModB Side 1st Place134KenReid 
Open Liquid ModB Side 2nd Place50TommyReddaway 
'73 & Older One Lung ModA Side 1st Place172RichardGehl 
'73 & Older One Lung ModA Side 2nd Place56LyleHerman 
'73 & Older One Lung ModB Side 1st Place859,/Penner 
'73 & Older One Lung ModB Side 2nd Place860   
Ladies "Stock E"A Side 1st Place365CrystalReddaway 
Ladies "Stock E"A Side 2nd Place219JasonMcdougallTricia Prokopchuk
Ladies "Stock E"B Side 1st Place623GracePinkney 
Ladies "Stock E"B Side 2nd Place912NadiaClosson 
'74 & Older 340 ModA Side 1st Place21KerryShmyr 
'74 & Older 340 ModA Side 2nd Place711DaveMills 
'74 & Older 340 ModB Side 1st Place342JonathanPeteit 
'74 & Older 340 ModB Side 2nd Place910DannySchira 
Stock HA Side 1st Place290BlakeRead 
Stock HA Side 2nd Place91ColeSchmitt 
440 Liquid ModA Side 1st Place996KevinLivingston 
440 Liquid ModA Side 2nd Place313MikeStratychuk 
440 Liquid ModB Side 1st Place791ColeReid 
440 Liquid ModB Side 2nd Place151BobNabiss 
Stock DA Side 1st Place605TimSchropp 
Stock DA Side 2nd Place270RayFredin 
Stock DB Side 1st Place47DanSchindel 
Stock DB Side 2nd Place782KimInkster 
250 AC ModA Side 1st Place548EuniceRudy 
250 AC ModA Side 2nd Place195GracePinkney 
250 AC ModB Side 1st Place622RobBumphrey 
250 AC ModB Side 2nd Place7525BlaineCooper 
Stock BA Side 1st Place604TimSchropp 
Stock BA Side 2nd Place252JoeKautz 
Stock BB Side 1st Place621RobBumphrey 
Stock BB Side 2nd Place700PhilipMcmanus 
300 AC ModA Side 1st Place172RichardGehl 
300 AC ModA Side 2nd Place165CodyWojcik 
300 AC ModB Side 1st Place195GracePinkney 
300 AC ModB Side 2nd Place3TerryBonnor 
'72 & Older 440 ModA Side 1st Place221DennisMohr 
'72 & Older 440 ModA Side 2nd Place603TimSchropp 
340 Liquid ModA Side 1st Place982ToddHarris 
340 Liquid ModA Side 2nd Place66SheldonOfukany 
340 Liquid ModB Side 1st Place268KurtisBoxall 
340 Liquid ModB Side 2nd Place813RobertHope 
Stock FA Side 1st Place219JasonMcdougall 
Stock FA Side 2nd Place565KevinLofgren 
Stock FB Side 1st Place187ChrisGeiger 
Stock FB Side 2nd Place147JohnBecker 
'73 & Older D StockA Side 1st Place293LindaHelgesonLloyd Helgeson
'73 & Older D StockA Side 2nd Place221DennisMohr 
250 Liquid ModA Side 1st Place181CurtHassett 
250 Liquid ModA Side 2nd Place548EuniceRudy 
250 Liquid ModB Side 1st Place28JohnKweens 
250 Liquid ModB Side 2nd Place668BrittanyMarlatt 
King of the HillA Side 1st Place65NormChura 
Stock I/JA Side 1st Place850DeanSlowski 
Stock I/JA Side 2nd Place286MacJohnson 
Stock I/JB Side 1st Place49ToddSchlamp 
Stock I/JB Side 2nd Place169GarthOrmiston 
340 AC ModA Side 1st Place268KurtisBoxall 
340 AC ModA Side 2nd Place66SheldonOfukany 
340 AC ModB Side 1st Place711DaveMills 
340 AC ModB Side 2nd Place21KerryShmyr 
Stock AAA Side 1st Place34ScottZarkow 
Stock AAA Side 2nd Place291GarrettRoberts 
Stock AAB Side 1st Place152BobNobliss 
Stock AAB Side 2nd Place87GarySilk 
'73 & Older One LungA Side 1st Place137JohnBecker 
'73 & Older One LungA Side 2nd Place340BlaineCooper 
Stock CA Side 1st Place11SidZepick 
Stock CA Side 2nd Place197AlPinkney 
Stock CB Side 1st Place270RayFredin 
Stock CB Side 2nd Place401DougWolfe 
'74 & Older Open AC ModA Side 1st Place22KerryShmyr 
'74 & Older Open AC ModA Side 2nd Place65NormChura 
'74 & Older Open AC ModB Side 1st Place97RichardSchmitt 
'74 & Older Open AC ModB Side 2nd Place600RichardSchropp 
Stock EA Side 1st Place365CrystalReddaway 
Stock EA Side 2nd Place839AlicePenner 
Stock EB Side 1st Place623GracePinkney 
Stock EB Side 2nd Place911   
'72 & Older 340 ModA Side 1st Place172RichardGehl 
'72 & Older 340 ModA Side 2nd Place56LyleHerman 
'72 & Older 340 ModB Side 1st Place180AlPinkney 
'72 & Older 340 ModB Side 2nd Place602RichardSchropp 
Stock AA Side 1st Place500JimRudy 
Stock AA Side 2nd Place87GarySilk 
Stock AB Side 1st Place567KevinLofgren 
Stock AB Side 2nd Place111KevinMactavish 
'73 & Older E StockA Side 1st Place180AlPinkney 
'73 & Older E StockA Side 2nd Place293LindaHelgesonLloyd Helgeson
'73 & Older E StockB Side 1st Place910DannySchira 
'73 & Older E StockB Side 2nd Place342JonathanPeteit 
440 AC ModA Side 1st Place887RodneyLamers 
440 AC ModA Side 2nd Place99SheldonOfukany 
440 AC ModB Side 1st Place197AlPinkney 
440 AC ModB Side 2nd Place785RayFredin 
Stock GA Side 1st Place287JustinZimmerman 
Stock GA Side 2nd Place178LyndonGehl 
Stock GB Side 1st Place91ColeSchmitt 
Stock GB Side 2nd Place188DonGeiger 
'74 & Older 440 ModA Side 1st Place4TerryBonnor 
'74 & Older 440 ModA Side 2nd Place423SadieThorwaldson 
'73 & Older F StockA Side 1st Place180AlPinkney 
'73 & Older F StockA Side 2nd Place147JohnBecker 
'73 & Older F StockB Side 1st Place69ToddSchlamp

The Snow Leopards is a family snowmobile club which finds it's home at Earl Grey, Saskatchewan.